Our Story

Hi my name is Kelly Emberg.  

You may remember me from the late 70's - 90's if you enjoyed thumbing through fashion magazines. I was lucky enough to grace many covers of the top fashion magazines for over a decade. Now I am thrilled for my sportswear line BESO Shade’s very first summer launch! Inspired by pickleball, the world’s fastest growing sport. Beso’s protective performance apparel shields women’s skin while they play outside.  Great for pickleball, tennis, golf, hiking, going to the beach or just running errands. We use fabrics that are UPF 50+ which provides protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Growing up in Houston Texas, I was always playing outside, never realizing the damaging effects of the sun. As a fashion model, protecting my skin was essential and sunscreen was my go to. Covid shut everything down making it impossible to go to the gym. Then I fell in love with pickleball. The only drawback was the sun’s damaging effect on my skin. I quickly realized, I wasn’t the only one that felt this way. I started wearing unique sun protective accessories and everyone wanted them.

That was when I was inspired to create BESO Shade. Incorporating my fashion & design sense with my healthy lifestyle knowledge, has been instrumental in the creation of my protective, performance shade wear company. I have put a lot of effort in choosing fabrics that don't just protect, they feel amazing when you are wearing them and you won't want to take them off.  The fabric is a soft and buttery, microfiber nylon spandex. There are 2 unique sun protection tops that you can wear over your Razorbacks or Palm Beach tops to protect your arms and shoulders called the Protective Sun Shrug & Pull Over Bolero. They come in many colors and you can mix and match them with the Palm Beach Skorts and the Palm Beach Tops with the band and the bottom & without the band. We offer protective UPF 50+ Neck Gators and fun Word Visors to protect your face and neck. Beso Dares You to Kiss the Sun.  

In order to have more control over the manufacturing and quality of BESO Shade, we are sewing all of our sportswear clothing San Diego, California. Our goal is to do our best to help shield women’s delicate skin from the sun, while keeping them stylish and comfortable. BESO is fun, functional & fashionable.  

Now get your BESO Shade on and go have fun outside!

My Best,

Kelly Emberg